Kuwait airways!!

Yo guys what do you thing about kuwait airways why infinite flight didn’t add it yet they added almost every plane livery but not kuwait airways there fleet is a320 a330 boeing 777 a340 they also have a320 neo and 747 and soon a330-neo and a350-1000 what do you thing about it guys


There’s #features for a reason posts like these don’t get the staff/devs attention it’s unnecessary. I am sure there’s plenty of feature requests for Kuwait airways. Feel free to vote for them:) And if there isn’t one or their old, feel free to make one once you’ve reached the proper TL:)

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Vote for them to be added here:





There are currently no feature requests for the Kuwait Airways A20N, B747, A339, and A35K. Make them if you wish, once you reach the proper Trust Level.


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