Kuwait Airways Takes Delivery of World’s first A330-800

Kuwait Airways, the national airline of Kuwait, has received two A330neos, these aircrafts are the first of eight A330neos.

This event also marks Airbus first A330-800 delivery.

Kuwait Airways’ A330neo will comfortably accommodate 235 passengers, featuring 32 fully-flat beds in Business Class and 203 spacious seats in Economy Class; it also offers a large cargo hold, capable of accommodating generous passenger baggage allowances.

Source: Sam Chui


I’m not a big fan of the A330, but this livery combined with this plane is super sleek.


I thought it said Kuwait Airways orders the A380 lol

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What routes are they using this on?

Not many carriers have the A330neo, so hopefully this means we may see a Kuwait Airways expansion to US destinations? Like Washington D.C (IAD) or Boston (BOS)?

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They haven’t said anything on routes, but with a 15,000 kilometer range, the A330-800neo can pretty much reach nearly every single major city from Kuwait.


Although given travel conditions, I’m betting they’ll initially use it on shorter high-demand routes such as Kuwait City to Dubai or Istanbul.


Auckland tho. just out but a hair

The planes are registred as 9K-APF and 9K-APG. The 9K-APF has made it maiden flight to KWI today according Flightradar.

Duplicate I believe: Kuwait Airways becomes the launch costumer of the Airbus A330-800neo
The title is misleading, however.

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