Kuwait Airways receives second A320neo plane

Kuwait: Kuwait Airways has today (Saturday) received its second out of 15 new A320neo aircraft purchased from European aircraft maker Airbus.

The arrival of the aeroplane, which has been named Al Jahra, at Kuwait International Airport’s new Terminal 4 was announced on the state carrier’s official Instagram profile.

The order comes as part of the airline’s plans to revamp its fleet and will be followed by another 13 assorted aircraft models from the French-based manufacturer.

The plane is expected to commence flights after the completion of procedural matters. The airline, founded in 1953, currently flies to 50 global destinations.

Pictures from Google for the first airplane 👍


I actually think it looks really nice in that Kuwait livery, the paint and the cockpit combine beautifully


This belongs in #real-world-aviation


Yes dear it’s looking very beautiful .

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That mask really suits it! 😍

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It’s pretty one right 😊

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Hope we see it soon in IF 👍🏼

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Yes sir we wish to see this lovely lievary on IF .

Still one of my favourite liveries out there!

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This is one of the most beautiful liveries i have seen! The plane is also great

Why does it have a German reg on it?


The mask makes the livery look even better!

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Because the plane was built in Hamburg, Germany. It gets a temporary German registration for the test flights. Once it’s being transferred and registered to and in the country of the airline the registration changes.


Oh, it hasn’t been delivered yet?

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It has:

In the first picture you can see that the German test registration has been replaced by the actual registration for the aircraft with the airline.

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I wonder why we don’t haven’t in IF 🤔


I get the picture from Google because I don’t have the New one yet 😊

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You should link the sources then, but great pictures you chose there.

Was referring mainly to the registrations to answer @Vinne‘s question.

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Thank you i fix now 😊

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