Kuwait Airways Boeing 777-300ER


We will wait & hope


We Hope See Kuwait Airways Livery Soon



A dream :( Hope it comes true one day.


One of my favorite Airlines!
Hope we can see it one day in IF.

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We Hope to see the Kuwait Airways Livery Soon

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Yes! The 777 has won the vote and it will get reworked! This livery will be added into Infinite Flight the following year!

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I really hope Kuwait Airways B777-300ER would be added To IF, It’s my favorite livery.

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We Hope 🙏🏼

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You have my voite :)


Kuwait Airways B777-300ER ON MUSCAT AIRPORT


Landing in New York JFK image

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We are fighting for it, we’ve been voting and requesting for it for nearly 2 years now, we need your vote IFC, We hope to see the beautiful livery of Kuwait Airways B777-300ER Or even A320 In IF,

2019 Marks 65 years since the establishment of Kuwait Airways, to celebrate it, we would love to see Kuwait Airways In this B777 rework update.

Thank You.


30 votes now :) Let’s keep going.


Great 👍🏼 Hope we see it soon in IF

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Yes now its your turn to make the dream ture !!

Both developers and members please help us to add the only missing livery from the GCC Countries…

its now almost 2 years since the subject opened … our all hopes on you , we hope you understand that 🙏 @MishaCamp


Well said :)


This Has to make it into the game😱😍

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