Kuwait Airways Boeing 777-300ER


Wow i never noticed how good their livery looks.
Definitely caught my attention,Maybe a vote from me,depends


This is a nice livery- I saw this in JFK when taxiing to my gate after landing from Barcelona:


Hope they add it very soon !!


Also all six gcc countries have their own airlines in IF except kuwait ! We have three airlines operating their flight from kuwait ( Kuwait Airways, Jazeera Airways and Wataniya Airways) and none of these airlines are in IF ☹️


We hope see this aircraft in the next update…



I really love this livery its absolutely AMAZING! Ifs so beautiful and it would be great as we dont have any Kuwait Aiways livery!


Looks much better than their old livery


A really beautiful plane, this flies right above my house everyday as it approaches Shannon Airport Ireland to make a short break before travelling through the Atlantic.

Kuwait Airways 777 on IF ??

Yes, this is the negative of the “ Kuwait - New York “ trip, but with the opening of Terminal 4 of Kuwait International Airport soon, the flight will be direct without landing to Shannon, and there are news about the addition of new destinations to Kuwait Airways, namely “Manchester, Los Angeles, Chicago” ALL WILL BE WITH Boeing 777-300ER


Please vote and support our country airline livery ♥️🇰🇼


We hope we see Kuwait Airways Livery soon


I edit this images for the 777 kuwait airways 🇰🇼

Do you think it deserves to be added to IF ??


How many votes do we need to make it happen? Come on please it’s the best livery ever in my opinion! Can’t wait to see my national career Kuwait Airways soaring in Infinite flight skies


Would be Much Morr than amazing!


Let’s all vote! :) let’s make it HAPPEN!


Great Design 👍🏼


I have recently heard the news that Kuwait Airways got the permission to make a non-stop flight to New York from Kuwait City without stopping to Shannon airport in Ireland. It is a great advantage to them, but not for me. :(
That plane passed my house everyday below 10,000ft with the loud noise. I will miss that.


I love this livery! I will have to vote for this 😎


Thanks for support us bro ♥️


Yes Finally they get the permission to fly direct to JFK … it’s sounds good for us thats no more stopover. We hope seeing you on board on our kuwait airways flight!!