Kuwait Airways Airbus A330-300


Kuwait airways a330 I hope to add this aircraft the blue bird of kuwait


@Boeing707, can you change the topic to features as I can’t! :P

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I did it ((:

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Unfortunately, no!

I bought it at Munich Airport today. It’s 1:500 (got it for 30€). I was flying back home after holidays in India. I had a 3h40min transit at Munich before my flight to CDG!

Do you collect die-cast models?

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Oh man words of advice: Don’t buy only 1:200s. They take up so much space and are expensive. 1:400 or 1:500 is the way to go (I learned that the hard way)

Great! Which airline?

Yes! I have got 120-130 plane models. 75% of them are 1:500/1:400!

Holy cow that is quite the collection… 😯

Here is one part of my collection! I have got 30 Air France 😅




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Ok - You are right - This Is off-topic.
Will make a new topic!


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Holy cow that’s quite the collection you got going there

Nice livery ✌🏼


@AlibrahimKWT remember that if the request has been inactive for 4 years please make a new request as this one is outdated and old.

Bumping this as we don‘t have any livery of Kuwait Airways :)

No vote left, but I should be flying this plane soon, so full support to get it in IF!

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Dye the Kuwaiti fonts on A330 a very beautiful


Hello dear @MishaCamp
Do you know to download A332 ?
I hope livery Kuwait airways A330-200!

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First please dont tag staff

Second of all the A330-300 is only coming the -200 is not coming and seeing that Kuwait only operated the -200 it will not be coming with the rework

Again please dont tag staff


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