Kuwait Airways A350

Hello, Today I’ll be requesting the Kuwait Airways Airbus A350. Kuwait Airways revealed It’s Iconic super beautiful livery back In 2016 when they received their very first
B777-300ER, Kuwait Airways Has some A350-900s on order and I’d love to see the Kuwait Airways A350 In the Upcoming

In This picture, aircraft shown below Is a Kuwait Airways Boeing B777-300ER, the reason I did not put the A350 Is because there Is no pictures for It unfortunately as It’s currently something of the future.
image A350 Update.

Kuwait Airways Is currently the only missing full-service gulf carrier. Us Kuwait requested KU B77W & A320 everywhere, In Instagrams and the community and we hoped to see it in the previous update with the TAM B77W, but unfortunately It did not come, hope to see it soon :)

That looks suspiciously like a 777 to me…

I would have waited to put the picture on, rather than sticking a random photo on 😂


If there’s no pictures then the developers don’t know what the plane looks like.

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I just noticed that too 😂

I did state that It Is a B777-300ER :) areas carefully ;) Kuwait Airways A350 still doesn’t exist, It Is something of the future now =)

It’ll look Just like the one shown, but on an A350 ;)

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That’s not it :) This Picture was made back In 2013 before Kuwait Airways revealed It’s New livery In Oct 2016, The A350 will come In the new livery :)

That’s an A330 NEO.

Thanks :) A330neo looks a bit similar.

True, but there Is no pictures of Kuwait Airways A350 :(

Then this cannot be requested.

How do you request something that doesnt exist yet? You dont.

Gosh i’m sorry it got mixed in with the other pics 🙄

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Yeah I feel your pain Haha

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Luckily the 777 is better looking than the A350. So glad you put a photo of the 777. I mean, who likes the A350 these days. #A350Overrated

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