Kuwait Airways A330-900neo

On Monday, Kuwait Airways Restructured it’s Airbus order, and a part of it was the conversation of 4 of it’s rare A330-800NEOs on order into 7 of the larger variant of the aircraft,
The A330-900NEO.

I think it would be awesome to see the A339 In Kuwait’s color in IF in a later update this year!

The KU A339 would look exactly like the existing A338s shown below in the pictures, except, they will be a little bit longer. It is worth noting that the first A339 will most likely be registered as 9K-APJ.

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A wonderful! This plane will soon return flights with Kuwait Airways

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Thank You for your support! :) @PilotAdnan-IFSA

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Already, he made a duplicate the topic.

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Thank you!

I saw your post picture topic it’s Airbus A330-800neo and isn’t 900neo, sorry.

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this is the feature request for the -900 the other request is for the -800

No, this topic is not a duplicate, the A338 and A339 are not the same.

Just read the news about the -900 order! Hopefully this livery comes soon in real life and in IF!

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It would be awesome to fly this beauty on IF!

Hey, I’m sorry. Unfortunately, do you not study on the internet for Google information?
I ask about your topic picture of a real livery Airbus A330-800neo and do not get it 900neo.

Kuwait Airways Airbus A330-800neo.

Kuwait Airways was news buying a new Airbus A330-900neo in the future.

If I could understand your topic, the two pictures are only A330-800neo and isn’t 900neo. Sadly, it’s a fake picture. Any questions, what can I do to help with that?

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Hello, I am aware of that, that’s precisely why I said “ The KU A339 would look exactly like the existing A338s, except, they will be a little bit longer.” And inserted a picture of the A338.

It is not a fake picture, It is a picture of a similar aircraft, but in a different smaller variant, since there are no pictures of the A339. Good day mate! ;) @amaryahjohnson1996


You got my vote .



Wow what an awesome thing you did right there! How long did that take?

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Yes voted 👍


Thank You very much for your support! :)


You are most welcome my friend.
And that’s flight time about 48 hours .


The Kuwait Airlines doesn’t have the Airbus A330-900N yet, as you can see here
Kuwait Airways Fleet Details and History (planespotters.net)

as this register is wrong, the photo is the 9K-APF, an A330-800N
9K-APF | Airbus A330-841 | Kuwait Airways | bruno muthelet | JetPhotos

That’s exactly why this part is here:

And that’s exactly why this part is here:


Noice so, we can take a random aircraft and say it’s look like another and do a topic, right

Okay, do you have a trusted source about this information, or its only speculation?

Thank you very much! @KTJ_Mitchell

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