Kulula Boeing 737-800 "Flying 101"

Kulula, meaning easy in Zulu is a South African based Low cost Airline and a very humorous one! It would be a great livery addition to the 737-800. There are several liveries they have but this is by far my favorite.image


That’s a green aircraft!


You don’t say?

This livery makes me think of limes.


I kinda like the whole purpose of the livery. It teaches people about different parts of a plane, other than “secret agent code”.

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Idk about adding liveries that only look nice but iant realistic to use because I tend to use real world flights into airports and liveries like this where there is 0% chance I’ll use it (since we don’t have a south Africa region)

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Transavia is less green but i realy like the words on the plane. Do you like them @Snelweg_A15?


Just a heads up, only one picture per feature request. I´d leave picture number 2.

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Sure, just wanted to show the other side as it is different

I really love this; lots of personality, a great colour scheme and font, Interesting details; what’s not to love?

Yasssssss I’ve heard of the livery with flying 101 but I never found the airline.

We need this funny airline

It’s such a humorous and unique livery.

Only one request per topic please :)

Sorry. I thought it was basically the same request.

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Don’t worry, that can happen, you’re free to make a seperate topic for it :)

Simply brilliant!

This your request @pro1

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