Kulula Boeing 737-400 "Zippy Plane"

I looked some humorous Kulula liveries. (You should do that too) and this really popped to my eyes.


A better transition livery than the KLM Orange Pride I must say hahaha


Do they still fly?

ZS-OAG is still active according to Planespotters.net

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Looking like Sprite love it

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And that’s why this company’s considered one of the leading African airlines.Funny livery!

so cool, i like it, they should add another aircraft other than the b787

Erm Kulula doesn’t have 787s? Only 734s and 738s

no, as in aircraft like b787 and etc, there adding 787, what I’m trying to say, so more aircraft

Ohh I see… Time will tell ;)

Though personally I look forward to the A350 to be added as a new aircraft and the A330 to be reworked on :)

they both could do with a update, they cold add singapore airlines, virgin australia, jet star(as) etc

We could also discuss this privately so people don’t flame us for going off topic ;)

you said i can’t get PM (private message)

Check out my 737-400 request. I can add this livery to the list, it looks cool!

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So nice, like it

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I love it, would love to see this!

I have an airplane model from a few years back.

That’s an odd livery.

God, I love all Kulula’s liveries. I don’t feel like they would be a great fit in IF though…

Looks like a really great livery, this airline has really great marketing skills for it targeting holiday makers.

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