Kulula Airlines B737-800 “Flying 101” Livery

I also saw a post about their other livery, flying 102. It is beautiful aswell!

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Just bumping it a tiny bit, because I think this livery is something many IF flyers would love!

I wish i had a free vote to give to this feature request. Very nice!

Bumping this a little bit, as I think this livery would be lovely in the world of IF!


Cool livery, great plane, and great airline. We need this!

With the current 737 model, this livery is not possible due to the mapping.


Just bumping it up there. If this livery can’t be added there is always the ‘box livery’. Search it up.

I do love the kulula liveries. Like the flying 101 and this way up livery. Seriously, No one talks about kulula much of course as an unknown airline. It does need a nice ‘shout out’ from FDS really. Overall, great idea. Totally voting.

This is a very good livery, I would like to see it in IF one day

This is an awesome livery, and I would be very happy if it made its way into Infinite Flight. However, I wonder if the text is too small for it to be textured correctly? Either way, fingers crossed that it is on the Devs radar screen for the 737 minor update!

Looks like a very good and humorous aircraft. (And could also teach beginners😂)

This livery is hilarious! Love the arrows and text pointing to the loo 😂 would be good to see a B737 rework and have this livery added

I love this livery! Hope they add it and it’s even better that its African, seeing that we dont have many African 737-operators in IF atm

Both Mango and Kulula would be an awesome addition

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Such a cool livery with a twist of humor! I would love it! :)


How to make a good livery 101, use Kulua Airlines livery as a template

Let’s hope this is being added - easily one of the world’s most imaginative liveries and a joy to see in the skies!

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Looks like we got what we wanted

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This would be awesome :D

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Looks like we got it =D Nice Request!