Kukës International Airport Guide - LAKU

Kukës International Airport - Guide

By @Jakub_Astary

Welcome to Kukës International Airport, the hidden gem of Eastern Europe. Explore this beautiful airport with a spectacular approach! This airport is relatively new, it was open on the 9th of July 2021.

Kukës was released as a 3D airport in the 22.7 update. After Wizz Air announced routes to this airport, I couldn’t resist and created a 3D version for IF as soon as I could. This includes a fully reworked 2D layout, new runway, parking lot and a detailed and realistic terminal building. Now you can enjoy it as well!

This airport uses special procedures so make sure to read through this thread before flying here! Unfortunately, the approach fixes aren’t in IF, however, you can easily download one of my flight plans below which include them.

Airport information:

  • This airport has only 2 stands for commercial aircraft (category C, max 36m wingspan)
  • And 3 stands for GA aircraft (category B, max 24m wingspan)
  • Max aircraft size: Airbus A320 / Boeing 737-800
  • Back-taxi is required, so if you’re flying in a group make sure to plan for more spacing for the approach
  • Landing runway 19 only, departing runway 01 only
  • Kukës is an uncontrolled airport, so expect no ATC service. Radar service may be provided on Tirana Center.


  • Vienna (LOWW) - Wizz Air A320 (W42895/6, 1:10h)
  • Memmingen (EDJA) - Wizz Air A320 (W43893/4, 1:40h)
  • Karlsruhe / Baden-Baden (EDSB) - Wizz Air A320 (W43897/8, 1:50h)
  • Basel (LFSB) - Wizz Air A320 (W43891/2, 1:50h)
  • Basel (LFSB) - Air Albania A319 (ZB4007/8, 1:50h)
  • Zurich (LSZH) - Air Albania A319 (ZB4005/6, 1:40h)


Landing runway 19 only, departing runway 01 only.

RINA1P arrival: RINAV (at or above FL130) - SINNE (at or above 10000ft)

Approach runway 19: IAF SINNE at or above 10000ft, then KU501 at 6500ft, KU502 at 5400ft (max 185kts), KU503 at 5400ft, then 3.5° descent angle to the runway, 3nm to KU504 at 3400ft, KU504 at 2290ft - after proceed on visual approach to runway 19. Final track is not aligned to the runway.

Go around runway 19: Initiate climb and no later than at the end of the runway turn RIGHT direct KU505 (max 185kts), keeping visual separation to terrain. Then proceed to SINNE to join holding (at or above 10000ft, max 230kts, inbound course 075°) or initiate another approach.

RINA1L departure runway 01: Climb on 008° course, at 1800ft turn LEFT direct to KU701 (max 180kts), then to KU702, to RINAV (at or above FL120).

Takeoff: Apply NADP1 noise abatement procedure until passing 3000 FT AAL: takeoff thrust until 1000ft AAL (speed V2 + 10kt), after 1000ft AAL reduce to climb thrust (maintain V2 + 10kt, keep takeoff flaps), at 3000ft AAL retract flaps and increase speed while maintaining positive climb rate.

Charts: Kukes Airport charts - Google Drive

Aerodrome information: AIP for ALBANIA(section AD-2.LAKU)valid from 24 FEB 2022

Flight plans:

Since the approach fixes for Kukës aren’t in Infinite Flight yet, make sure to download the FPL files below and open them in IF once you’ve spawned in. This will import the waypoints into your map.

Arrival: Arrival-LAKU.fpl - Google Drive

Departure: Departure-LAKU.fpl - Google Drive

LOWW - LAKU (Wizz Air A320, FL390): LOWW-LAKU.fpl - Google Drive
(FPL ready to go, all you need is to add a SID at Vienna)

LAKU - LOWW (Wizz Air A320, FL380): LAKU-LOWW.fpl - Google Drive
(FPL ready to go, just don’t forget to add an approach at Vienna)

This airport guide was made in partnership with Wizzair Virtual.

Thank you for reading the thread and I hope you enjoy this little airport! Feel free to post screenshots from your flights below!


Awesome job Jakub! Looks wonderful! Glad you made this!


Doing God’s work 🙌


Very nice 🥺💖


The level of detail on this is just insane! Thanks @Jakub_Astary for the airport and the guide! So lovely ❤️


Amazing airport guide to go hand in hand with your newly released airport! Congratulations, Jakub, you’ve done an outstanding job!


Looks amazing! Well done Jakub! 😍

I haven’t flown to Kukës yet, although this route has been in our database for quite some time. :(


Jakub, you are a legend! A fantastic guide and huge respect on your hard work creating the ever growing 3D airports with your immense contribution to the IFC!

I can see Kukes, Albania and Nils, Serbia have been added in 22.7 update, many congratulations 🙌🙌🙌
I will have to roll up my sleeves to do my bit soon👀


Here we are… @WizzVirtual just completed an event here a few days ago! What a crazy destination 🤯


Brilliant thread, love how Albania just got their 2nd airport handed for commercial travel, excited to see the 3rd one already in the process of building (Vlore). How exactly do you insert the FPL to IF?


@Jakub_Astary ^

Hey, all you need to do is download the file from the Google Drive first. After you spawn in, leave the app - open the FPL file “in IF” and it will import the FPL waypoints automatically.


Wow. This is fairly intresting! I might consider adding this route as codeshare!


Had another great event into Kukës airport with WZZVA! This approach never gets old!


DW, base, final to Kukës and with that concludes another great WZZVA event!


These guides are very interesting and helpful. BTW, have the fixes been added to IF?

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Thanks! The approach fixes are not in IF yet, but you can use the FPLs I have attached on Google Drive and it will import the waypoints including the altitudes.

How to do it: First download the file from the Google Drive. After you spawn in, leave the app - open the FPL file “in IF” and it will import the FPL waypoints automatically.