KUES on PG Part 2! [Closed]

Please come on down to Oshkosh to help me practice my controlling as I get ready for IFATC. Poll will open when closed.

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  • It was terrible

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Leave some feedback, please.
@JFKPlaneSpotter101, @Robertdiaz123, @Henrik , @Benny87654321, would you guys like to join?

I think a poll is useless for this. Feedback will give you far more.

But I’m coming :)


Yep…true that…coming also

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Haha, my fav airport in OSKOSH! Unfortunately I can not make it. :(

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@Pilot8 are you on here ATM?

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I am there and I reported the dude.

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@IceBlue @anon43874684 how was it? Any feedback?

Sorry, busy ATM

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Is it still happening?

Okay guys, part 2. I got some feedback and I am ready.

@IceBlue @anon43874684 @PlanesForLife @JFKPlaneSpotter101

Anyone? Please, I need some practice.

Pilot8 I am available if you want? Expect a full report on the session :)

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Right now, please.

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@Skylines, where is the full report?

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Can’t, I need to study for my math test again!

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Me too, the state tests ;(

Report - Test Flight 340


Alrighty, so it was nice to be at an Oshkosh airport. its quite rarely used now days. You know your basic commands and I was very glad that you gave me an runway exiting command since, rarely people do it.

You seem to know your basic pattern works which is great :).


Im just going to be straight forward with you okay. Alrighty, so it was a nice flight but it was very chaotic. There were only two of us and it seemed confusing… Lets start from the start:

Firstly why did you state that I had top wait for clearence before taxing, when you clearly instructed me to taxi. Also try not to use small runway like those, thats why I changed to 28.

Secondly you cleared me for the option to soon. Now I get that it gets it out of the way but you could have waited so I could have said my position which than you wouldnt need to give me so many instructions. Following on from that is my clearance, you only should be clearing me for the option if I’m going to touch & go, I said full stop, I needed a landing clearence. Also please remember to give a pattern instruction to runway changes before you clear me :)

Also I was very confused why you were instructing my bases, you hadn’t instructed me that you would call my base. It wasnt necessary.

Finally I was a little confused on some of the messages that were coming out like, speed at your discretion & present speed. Also not necesssary. (maybe it was an accident)

  • Remember, have patience!

Anyway thanks for the session:

Advanced: A little more training down the track, than you should go for IFATC.

Rating: 6/10

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Yeah the speed thing was a accident. Thanks for the feedback. We should do this again.

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Wait, that reminds me, I have state tests tommorow also! But I already studied! 👍