Kudos Etihad!

Amazing story! Great decision by the crew.

Becky Stephenson, a travel counsellor from Bradford, added in a comment on the travel industry Facebook page Travel Gossip that the couple were about to turn off their mobile phones when they were informed of a critical condition of their grandson.
“They alerted the cabin crew who managed to get a message to the pilot as the plane taxied to the runway,” Stephenson was reported as saying. "He took the decision to return to the gate so the couple could disembark, but not only that, the crew also arranged for the couple to be assisted at the airport and they even got their car delivered from the car park.
“Everything little thing you could think of, they took care of. Sadly my customers’ grandson passed away the day after but had they not been allowed off the flight and had to fly back from Abu Dhabi they may not have made it to his bedside.”


My faith in humanity is restored


Very good job Etihad!

That’s why Etihad is my favourite airline


This is great! Very easy nowadays for the airline say that they can’t turn around because they don’t want to lose money… Very good, Etihad!

I read this on Daily Mail a few days ago, it’s amazing that Etihad actually allowed it and didn’t discipline the pilot as surely it would have caused delays for the other passengers or cost the airline money. At least they put customers first

I read this story a couple of days ago and yes it was an amazing and sad story !

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That is so good to read!
It must have cost the airline a fortune.
Very humane.

One thing though.
The writer is a little thrill focused and wanted to make it look more exciting.
Returning while taxiing is not the same as an aborted take-off. They had to have started the actual take-off first, to make it an aborted one.
Journalism, I guess. “Let’s spice it up!”. Shame.

Still, thumbs up for the airline!!


Yep it said aborted on the Daily Mail article but or the plane enthusiasts made it clear in the comment section that you can’t Abort unless you have started to take off :)

It’s a great job indeed! I mean Etihad really cares with their customers and trying to do the best

This really restores my faith in humanity.

Fantastic! Well done Etihad!


Cause of the idiots in press I was thinking how did they let the crew know on takeoff??

But wonderful story :)


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