Kualanamu Airport

Kualanamu Airport is rather busy though not as busy as its counterpart WMKK (Kuala Lumpur) but yea it’s busy, so why not?

Hi, on the IF forums, we appreciate the colaboration of the people, who bring forth new ideas for features, but you need to avoid posting over 10 on the same day. One per day is fine, but you have to use the search bar and look if what you want to propose hasn’t been already requested.
As a last advice, before posting, read the description of each category: Developers is used by the Airport Editing Team and other groupes that are in charge of the terrain, airports, glideslopes etc…Features, however, is used to request the addition of new features, or the improvement of already existant features.
Welcome to Infinite Flight! You’ll find a very helpful community.

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Sorry but I clearly searched before I posted. My search returned no results at all. And can’t you people just respond if you have to with the topics rather than bitch about all these once again?

KNO is a bit far from SG-KL Region Border I think

Wah if so then paiseh

As you can see, the SG-KL Region (North) border is located near southwest of KL where KLIA Located. So I Think KNO is a bit far from the region’s border (As a Reference). Though There are some possibilities to add KNO in SG-KL Region map. Btw, Welcome to Infinite Flight Community! Nice to see a Singaporean here!

Nice to see an angmoh who likes SIA too :)

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