Kuala Lumpur to Columbo in 10 replay screenshots


Bing bong. Malaysia Airlines flight MH179 to Columbo is now boarding - please proceed to gate H8.

Good day earthlings, we will soon begin pushback from the terminal and spooling up those 2 CFM International CFM56-7B26 engines as we take to skies once again on this well used Boeing 737. We’re experiencing a delay of 30 minutes today due to one of our passengers getting trapped one of the toilet cubicles in the terminal at the last minute after breaking the lock by mistake, but he’s safe and onboard now (we won’t embarrass him any further or reveal his identity of course). He’s sitting in seat 18D.

We will try to make as much time up on the way as we head out of Malaysia and over the top of Indonesia before cruising the Bay of Bengal, the width of southern Sri Lanka and finally down into Columbo. It’s quite mild out there and we are expecting a nice, smooth ride.

It was as expected and we arrived into Columbo on time, despite the earlier delay. We had a mixture of passengers on board today and they were all happy with the service they received.

Departure: WMKK (Kuala Lumpur International Airport).
Arrival: VCBI (Bandaranaike International Airport).
Flight time: 3 hours 11 minutes.
Server: Expert.

Notes: As always, no hard editing was done to the photos, just some personal preference slight changes to the light and contrasts and working with what is available – nothing fake added or taken away.

Good times

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Nice photos! I especially love how the thread is formatted as well!

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The first 2 photos are…, not very good for a screenshotter like you. But the rest are gorgeous. Keep it up😃

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Thought I’d try the night shots on departure for a change to get Kuala at night - a bit more practice with those are probably needed :-)

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The quality is just 😍🥰😍😍😍😍

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