Kuala Lumpur to Abu Dhabi!


This is the first flight I’ve done for the FNF to Abu Dhabi yesterday. It was pretty fun and went alright and somehow the game crashed when I was taxiing my way to parking.

Callsign: Etihad 411
Route details: WMKK > OMAA
Flight time: 6 hours, 45 minutes
Aircraft: Boeing 787-10
Cruise level: FL380

I wanted to follow actual flight doing this route which is flight EY411, operating a 787-9. But sadly, IF is yet to add the Etihad livery to the 787-9 so I had went for the 78X instead.

Here I am parked at my gate in Kuala Lumpur intl.

After some taxiing, I’m holding short at runway 32R as I prepare for takeoff.


3 hours into the flight, we’re cruising over India!

After crossing the Arabic Sea, I finally have sight of the middle east! Starting with Oman! I prepare to begin my descent into Abu Dhabi.

Entering the UAE airspace as I come across these amazing hills.

Airport in sight, established on the localizer runway 31R!

Touchdown! Finally here in Abu Dhabi after 6+ hours.

I taxi my way to parking and a A380 comes in

I turn and head towards the terminal and eventually the game crashed on me.

But hey, at least I made it to the ground safely.
I actually find this route pretty underrated as I have not seen anyone perform it even when it was one of the options on the FNF thread. You guys should try it out some day, highly recommend it, the views in the middle east are amazing. Anyways, thanks for stopping by!


Nice shots! Keep it up!

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Also, you can vote for the livery on the 787-9 here:

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Great shots! Funnily enough this is also the flight I did into OMAA and I had the exact same callsign.


Aight, voted on it. Thanks for letting me know about this thread!


Great photos mate!