KTYS opening of Runway 23R

Alright so this correlates to infinite flight as runway 23R is a little larger than 23L but in game it is super super short

Screenshot provided there

This is what it should look like

Google maps image screenshot taken by me
KTYS opening of runway 23R photo taken by flyknoxville Instagram link here

This is not a complaint post what so ever I’m it’s pointing out the issue and letting IFAE team know thanks again!

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I did some work there for the military back in 2015, cool little airport! I really wanted to tour the Alcoa plant there too, but we didn’t have time.


Oh for sure I’m fortunate to take flight lessons out of here the sunsets are amazing


This might be cause it was shorter for a while.

Sometime in future a airport editor might change that again, but I wouldn’t expect that anytime soon™


Well yes and no since that is when the runway was still under construction and it has just opened officially.

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There was a chart with the short variant of the runway when Kilt McHaggis checked to work of the 2D editor.
That’s why the editor was forced to change the runway to what the chart shows.
There is no “no”. This is a fact of airport editing history. That is a office FAA chart that was valid at that time.
That’s it. Not more, and not less.


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