KTYS airport

I was just at KTYS and there was no airport. I spawned there and it was on the map but there was no airport. Can anyone else go check it out to see if it’s only me or everyone else too.

Clear your scenery cache


How do you do that?

It is in settings

second to last thing on the general section of settings

I did that. I’m going to re spawn ad see if that works

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Still no airport

really thats strange I can’t go check as I am in the middle of a flight but I’m sure someone will

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Contact Cameron. He’s in charge of Airports and IFAET. He most likely can help you. If not he will put it in for IFAET to fix it. I’m checking it right now :)

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Restart the app and try again. Usually a restart of the app solves it.


No need to worry. I don’t know what happened but it’s fixed. Thanks everyone that tried to help.