KTUS Airshow Stunt Pilot thread

This is the thread for the stunt pilots, if you are a watcher for the event then you are welcome but please don’t say anything here :) thanks

@Ken_wei | F/A-18E | VFA-31 | First |
@flyin_hawaiian | A-10 | Whiteman AFB | Second |
@MR.FOXY09 @Ashwanth_razil | F/A-18E | Maverick | Third |
@United403 | F/A-18E | Blue angles | fourth |
@Delta160Heavy | F/A-18E | Blue angles | Fifth |
@Aviation_Jerry | F/A-18E | VAF-105 | Sixth |
@AirCanada11 | F/A-18E | Generic | Seventh |
@El_YuainXD | F-22 | Generic | Eighth |
@Ashwanth_razil | F/A-18E | Maverick | Third and Ninth |


I believe you might have meant to send a private message instead of posting it in the #atc category.

no, this is the atc thing for planning, its for anyone to see

I don’t see how ATC is planned for this event in specific. If that’s what you’re aiming for, then you should be looking at #live:events instead.

ohhhhhh, thanks for helping

just so all the pilots know there will be a missing man formation at the end of the event so please stay for that, @MR.FOXY09 and @flyin_hawaiian will maybe do the pull away, me (@MR.FOXY09) i am doing the pull away but @flyin_hawaiian may do it.