KTTS~KTTS <Stratospheric Observatory> NASA 747-SOFIA

//🛩NASA Boeing 747-SOFIA
(Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy)

//🛫🇺🇸KTTS NASA Shuttle Landing Facility
//🛬🇺🇸KTTS NASA Shuttle Landing Facility

//Free Flight • Casual Server


Nice, I used to love that livery!

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Nice capture, love to fly the SOFIA too.
Btw, finally seeing not only my problem for having a rectangle at the top left corner for some occasions during screenshot.
Anyone can advise please

I noticed the aircraft was taking off with the spoilers in “flight mode”…this is often mistaken for using them for flight at all times. Flight mode is only used for descent to aid in higher vertical speeds or to help slow down while descending. Taking off with the spoilers in “flight mode” only creates more drag and will not help in any way.

Oh…I never knew flight mode spoiler is used for descending. Thank for letting me know!

I first saw this aircraft in IF. It’s now one of my fav :)

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That happens every time when I capture in replay. I would like to fix it too

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