KTPA training 2(pre practical practice)"closed"

I will be taking my practical today or tommrow and I want to get a last second practice before it

Good luck! :-)


On my way.

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Any IFATC wanna come ?

on route :)

I’ll try to stop by

I’m coming.

Nice work. You could have combined the sequencing and pattern entry into one command. Great work. Good luck!

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I landed with my gear up ._.

Otherwise, great controlling and sequencing! And just so you know, the base call wasn’t necessary as I was already instructed to follow the aircraft in front of me.


Yeah it realized that after I send the command than all that came any feedback is appreciated and welcomed

I did that no cause of sequencing. Problems but you guys were to close and it would have been a mess later on trust me thanks for coming

If there is a spacing issue, a better route would have been for me to do a 360 or maintain a slower speed.

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Okay this was just a simpler fix I get what you saying though

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