Just got done with a 40 min flight


So did I. I think I was behind you

If my aircraft didn’t shake that much I would do the same.

Unfortunately, unless they entirely fix the floating point bug I will still start form an airport within a 40 miles radius from my destination…

You cant do longer flights? Like ksea to kpdx ir kmia to Ktpa???

Of course I can.
But due to this bug (which all devices have) I don’t do that.
I hate seeing the aircraft shaking, and once you are landed it’s nearly impossible to straight taxi.

Well yea i didnt mean you werent capable hahaha i was saying it in a different way but oh nan that stinks

This is the flight I do when I don’t want to play on live. Or I’ll do KTPA-KMIA- then a quick hop to Fort Lauderdale