KTOA "Helipad" Goes Off the Page

At KTOA (Torrance Field) in parking the word “Helipad” goes off the page.

In the parking options the “D” is cut off in the word because the parking description is too long.

How to Reproduce

  1. Open Infinite Flight
  2. Click the globe icon
  3. Select “Southern California”
  4. Scroll to KTOA
  5. The last parking spot has the issue

iPad Pro 128 GB
IOS 9.2

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Ice will fix now.

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Ice is a good fixer🛠

Carson likes when Ice fixes

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Ice the fixer
Can he fix it?
Ice the fixer
Yes he can!


Done. Got rid of the whole space as there was nowhere to taxi from it.

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@IceBlue can you undo the change? Its a helipad which doesn’t render in IF currently and it might render in the future with an H

@dush19 I left the helipad in there, just got rid of the start space it is totally separate to the taxiway. I can still change if you want or I can make sure it is re added if Helis come.

Its good, let the helipad stay :)

That is correct. A helipad would allow a future helicopter to leave from that space. There should NOT be an aircraft gate occupying the same space as a helicopter.

Word*? (( I look for Carson’s spelling mistakes ))

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Thank god you caught that! Fixed:)

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Caught* (with an “a”) Carson, are you ok? You’ve made two spelling mistakes lol. I have a new job, to proofread Carson:)

I only proofread official things, like IF😜
I think the forum may be killing me

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Lol I understand I was just kidding 😂

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