KTNT Aircraft Restriction Problem

KTNT or Dade-Collier in the South Florida region has a problem with aircraft restrictions . The airport can handle an A380 so you should be able to fly one in and out of there. Currently the restriction starts at 757-200. There shouldn’t be one at all.

Here is the Wikipedia page for the airport:

Here is a picture of the A380 there.

You’re on solo Mode. Restrictions only apply on Live. Check back again on Live mode

I did check on live. I could only start there with an a380 in solo mode.

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If it wouldn’t allow you access in an A380 on Live, the restriction works. Solo doesn’t have restrictions, because you’re the only pilot there. How realistic solo is is up to you, since you’re in control of yourself. Also let’s you test things like an A380 on an Echo if you want, because hey, No Wifi (😜)

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Can handle 747.

But the taxiways and runway are long and wide enough to handle the a380

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I don’t think you understand, the airport is used for training by airlines so it is very possible that larger planes land and take off from there.

I think they train with GA aircraft.

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So you’re saying it should allow but it doesn’t?

Yes, exactly.

Well before simulators pilots used to practice and take tests at training airports, using commercial aircraft for training. Not to many airlines do that anymore.

This airport is classified as a Delta in Infinite Flight, which is why it won’t let you spawn in anything bigger then a 737 or A321. The lowest it can be while still allowing those sized aircraft is Charlie

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Can the restriction be changed for this specific class delta airport?

It would have to be done by a moderator or airport editor (I’m not sure if the airport editors have the power to do that) The question is if it should be classified as a Delta or Charlie

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It is a class echo according to VFRMAP.

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