KTCM PAPI lights location

Not really a bug, but didn’t know where else to put it.

Flew into KTCM and noticed that it has four PAPI lights, nice to see, thanks!
Only problem is, they are located too far down the runway which results in the lights being all red despite being right on the glideslope.
They need to be placed just after the aiming point markers to match the glideslope.

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I think the PAPI lights need to be brighter in general


Fixed. Thanks!

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Why are you making us iOS users jealous with A320 screenshots?

This airport has been redone for the update. I redid the PAPI lights but I can’t remember if I changed the position.

@MishaCamp I think he must have the update, as he has the A320.

I have the most recent update and map.

Similar issue at KHIO, PAPI lights are at the beginning of the runway

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