KSWF Flyout (Sponsored by Norwegian Virtual ) 4 GATES left (14 attending)252100ZMAY19


Only 7 gates left


That leaves only Norwegian and cargo gates left get them while you can


Norwegian also flies the 787 there so you dont have to put all 737s :)


Thanks @Dylan_M they are only flying them there in replacement of the MAX they normally fly the -800 and the MAX but I will put some gates for the 787


Only 6 gates left!


Get your gates!


Still 6 gates left


Can I change my destination to KFRG?


Sure will do @Dylan_M


Still gates left!


I’ll take ang a2 to Shannon. Thanks!


You are signed up!


When is this event? Sorry, I don’t know how to read the time things😂


In eastern daylight time.


4:00PM thanks for attending


Reminder This event is just over a month away get your gates!


@Sashaz55 Thanks for the Gate Bergen since i live there but it is not a real life route, i am in Norwegian Virtual.

There is only flights from KSWF to EIDW so just wait to update me to i have Get answer from the CEO.


Ok @Sashaz55 now I have got answer.
I shall Report the flight as Apprentice flight so thanks because you put me on KSWF-ENBR.

But I want to have 787-9 to Bergen since I shall have a long houl flight.


Gate A4 please to dublin!


I signed you up @jakey2_0