KSWF Flyout (Sponsored by Norwegian Virtual ) 4 GATES left (14 attending)252100ZMAY19



Server:Expert(Might change)


Time:2100Z (PM me for conversion to your time zone)

Notam:This is my first event so tell me if I did anything wrong,more info will come closer to the event.

Gate 1 Norwegian 737-800 to Dublin: @Matthew_20204
Gate 2 Norwegian 737-800 to Shannon: @Kuba_Jaroszczyk
Gate 3 Norwegian 737-800 to Bergen: @MJL_Productions
Gate 4 Delta Connection CRJ 200 to Detroit:
Gate 5 Allegiant A320 to Orlando: @JeromeJ
Gate 6 Allegiant A320 to Punta Gorda: @Rhett
Gate 7Jetblue E190 to Fort Lauderdale: @Hurley_H
Ang A1 Norwegian 787-9to Bergen: @DL_FILM
Ang A2 Norwegian 737-800 to Shannon: @Cecilie_Sarah_F
Ang A3 Norwegian 787-9 to Bergen: @SwedishFlyer
Ang A4 Norwegian 787-9 to Dublin: @jakey2_0

Gate 1 UPS:
Gate 2 UPS:
Gate 3 UPS: @JK_330
Gate 4 Fedex Express:
Gate 5 Fedex: @ouzi MD 11F to KMEN
Gate 6 Fedex Express: @Sashaz55 to KABE

General aviation
GA 1 @Dylan_M C208 to KFRG
GA 2 @JacksonAviation C208 to KTEB

Hey thanks for taking the time to view my event if you have any questions please just PM me if you would like to sponsor PM me thanks!


I want to thank Norwegian virtual for sponsoring this event.


I’ll take GA1 in a C208 to KTEB, thank you!


Your signed up thanks! @Dylan_M


I’ll take gate 1 to Dublin


But can you maybe change the server to expert


@Matthew_20204 your signed up ok I will change to expert server


13 gates left get your spots!


GATE 2 FOR ME PLEASE! I’ll fly the Norwegian into Shannon Airport.


You’re signed up @Kuba_Jaroszczyk


That leaves 12 gates remaining


I’ll take the same route and aircraft as Dylan


Ok your signed up @JacksonAviation


Ca you change the destinations??? I might try Alleigant to Orlando


Sure @Voyager456


I changed it do you want the gate @Voyager456


Yes I will


See you soon


See you at the event!


That leaves 9 gates sign up while you can


Ill take gate 6