KSTL Spotting | March 18

Today, three new aircraft were coming that I haven’t had the chance to spot yet. I was able to say hi to the first time to the Alaska E175 (New Livery), Frontier (Virginia The Wolf), and the Southwest 737-MAX8

The first shot of the day of the Lambert ATC Tower. Super foggy so the pictures aren’t the greatest, but I still like them.

My warm-up plane. Southwest 737-800 old livery with splits.

Southwest 737-700 taxing out.

American ERJ landing with Embraer’s new fancy winglet. That second shot looks so cool in my opinion.

The first plane I wanted to see, Alaska ERJ175, sorry it’s a little blurry.

That American E175 from earlier taxing past.

Frontier A321 - Virginia the Wolf livery. Coincidentally the same one that they just added to Infinite Flight.

Delta 737-900ER with splits ready to blast off to Atlanta.

The MAX appearing in the cloud layer.

The MAX again, a little blurry but the beautiful winglet is clearly visible.

Another shot of the beautiful bird.

And another.

Last shot of the MAX passing over some Cape Air C208(?)s.

Last shot of the day, Southwest 737-700 in the Canyon Blue livery coming in.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures, sadly auto-focus on my camera wasn’t working so some of the pictures are blurry. Hopefully, I can come back on a brighter and clearer day next time.


Which camera were you using?

A very cloudy day there

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I’m not quite sure. I think it is a pretty good Nikon camera with a third party 80-400 MM lens.
Not much of a camera guy here.

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The one just right is a Cape Air, and the one just left would be Kenmore Air. Nice shots!


Where were you located for these?

Cell phone lot 2. All arrivals were on the eastward facing runways.

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