KSTL Spotting AUG 8

I love the Mad Dogs! Thanks for sharing! Great Pictures! @Kyle.r24 would love those Mad Dogs xD


Nice pics :) and you know it 😂 @Brandon_K


nice pics mate!! which phone do you take pics with?

I put my camera specs at the bottom of the post.

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OK thank you!! nice pics, I really like the united states 737!

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Yeah, it is an externally rare sight! Nothing you can anticipate either provided they don’t show up on flight aware.

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Really nice pictures, specially the C-40 Clipper. I live 15-20 minutes (by car) from the airport, everyday I see some SWA 737s and several Delta planes over my home, would be great if I had the chance to spot planes at the airport.

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Lookie what I found at stl today. A rare sight, for sure.


Where were you? Freight terminal?

Terminal two. Southwest Airlines

Aah, the cell phone lot there?

No, in terminal 2 E 22 I believe

Oh, you were actually in the terminal??

Yes, sir. Only way I could get close to it

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Did you go through security? Or were you just in the terminal building.

A friend of mine texted me what plane was on the tarmac, I changed, went to the airport and through security. Couldn’t miss it. #avgeek at heart sir :)

Thought you needed a valid boarding pass to get through security, is that not the case?

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Not if you have a crew badge ;) (known crew member)


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