KSTL Spotting AUG 8

Hi IFC, recently I went to Lambert to go plane spotting, all photos were taken at the Terminal 1 cell phone lot by runway 29.

American Mad Dog lineing up at Runway 29.

A different Mad Dog taxing to 29.

Delta MD90? Lining up at 29.

The MD90? After liftoff, (notice windsock too)

An American MD88, with a C208 in the background.

Southwest 737 departing out of one of the 30s.

United E135/E145? Taxing to 29

So then, this lady saw me taking pictures and came up to let me know that her husband is an Air Force pilot based at Scott AFB, and he would be coming in for pattern work, so any of the aircraft in the below livery are from that.

United States of America VIP 737 (RARE SIGHT!)

Touching down!

E135/E145 from earlier lining up 29.

Beautiful glint off the AA Mad Dog

Second pass of the VIP 737

Southwest 738 with splits + heart livery!

Airport crew picking up FOD

Southwest 737 with new livery.

Southwest 737 Canyon Blue

Odd, Southwest 738 in Canyon Blue but has splits and the new winglet livery.

Another pass of the VIP 737

Delta CRJ 900?


Another pass, showing off slats/flaps detail.

Yet another pass.

Delta 717

Southwest California One!

Last picture of the day, Delta 717.

Alright everyone, this was my spotting! KSTL does not have any super good locations but I was lucky they were using the 29 for takeoffs today.

I was also extremely lucky that the Air Force 737 was here today doing training, they do not show up on Flight Aware and is not something you can anticipate. Very rare sight!

Lastly, thank you for looking through these pictures, sadly KSTL does not have the air traffic it once had, however today I got really lucky. Let me know of any suggestions that I could do next time.

Camera specs:
Nikon camera
100-400MM lens
I am not into cameras that is really all I know.


Ok all photos are up! let me know what you think!


Great shots! I especially like that 208. Great catch with the AF 73!


Yeah it is really rare, doesn’t show up on Flight Aware so I had no clue it was coming.


That’s cool seeing the US 737!


Nice photos but Nikon doesn’t have a 100-400MM lens so I’m not sure how you used that for your setup.


I think that is the Lens I used, my camera is Nikon but I don’t know what brand the lens is.
I do know, for a fact that it is a 100-400 lens.

Yeah, very very rare, I heard he got special clearance to use runway 29 as it was active at the time.


Thanks for sharing dude, special shoutout for the Delta 717-200’s


Great shots! The USA 737 is just awesome!

Cell phone? I used a camera.

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Great pictures! Though you might want to clean your lens or sensor.

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Yeah I noticed that there was a smudge on the lens, it was after I took all the pictures. I will be sure to clean the lens next time though.

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Sigma makes one for Nikon mounts.


Nice shots! around what time were you taking these pics?

Next time you are there try and go early am or early evening. You will see f18s doing the viking departure - vertical climb to 10k. And do crazy patterns( take off with burners, go vertical, go inverted and enter downwind. Yeah, if it sounds amazing, imagine how it looks :)) Not to mention eargasm.

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Very cool pics! What camera did you use?

Good shots Kevin!

Airports are a nightmare for dust and dirt, if you havent already buy a UV filter for your lens, they are relatively inexpensive and are easy to wipe down during the day - helps prevent any scratches on your lens too

Just check which size you need

Example here UV Filter

My home airport. It’s very sad what’s happened to it with all the City/County intramural fighting and what not. Would be a great place for a hub. Makes you wish for the days of TWA 747s rolling through.


I misread this, lol:

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Wow, very special shots indeed up there!

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