KSTL Completion

Here is KSTL; Big shoutout to @Kilt_McHaggis for being a great helper on my first airport.



Nice job, David! :)

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Thanks Henrik. Couldn’t have done it without your help either! :)

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Well done, David! Congrats :)

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Beautiful! I’m going to that airport soon (in real life of course 😊)

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Thank you all! Appreciate the feedback and kind words! Will hopefully control here once global is released!

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STL is my hometown I can view the airport the link is not working

Hi there! The link is not working because Kilt has shut down his website a few months ago.

However, @Furtive_masstwofourf reworked it and this means you’ll have a high-quality airport as shown in the screenshots below.

For the future, I’ll ask you to refrain from posting in #developer, as it is made for contributors and developers only. Thank you. :)