KSTC-St. Cloud Regional Airport | Not Complete

Hey guys, I understand the devs. are very busy right now, but my local airport, KSTC is missing gate space, military base, and taxiways. It is kind of a big deal to me because we have Allegiant flights from KIWA and KPGD. If you could please fix this when you can, that would be great. Here is some photos of the airport. Notice the Sun Country 737 at the gate if you go to google maps and search “St. Could regional Airport”. My device will not let me upload photos directly to this post. Thank you.

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Feel free to rework the airport yourself by joining the airport editing team. :)


You Live in St. Cloud?

I’m wondering the same thing👀 @Ethan_Hansen

Have you heard of Omann Insurance?

Yeah! @Ethan_Hansen that’s in sartell right?

No, I live in Sauk Rapids, across the river from st cloud. Do you?

You guys live near me?!?

Yeah! I work at KSTC @Simon_Thompson

Nice! I’m headed out there on Saterday to watch AAY 108 come in

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I’ll be there! I’m there every flight!

Not a good place to give away your phone number as this is a public forum

This is also not your personal chat room, if you wish to go off topic please use the pm function



As Matthew said, be best to chat and get to know one another in a PM :)