KSNA Tracking Thread -- Expert Server

Are you ready to fly in or out of one of the coolest airports in Socal? Well, you’re in the right spot!

Current METAR: 1653Z 00000KT 19/04 A3007 Runways 20L/R in use.

**All light aircraft on the east side of the field will receive 20L @ Kilo via A, H, C, K. **

To simulate as much realism as possible, all jet departures please call ready short of 20L. Expect a crossing instruction along w/ your takeoff clearance. (This is because there is limited space between 20R and 20L on taxiway L)

Open from:

Current status: closed

I’ll see if I can’t pop in during the 4:00pm - 7:45pm timeframe!

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I’ll be looking for ya! :D

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