KSMO ATC - Training server

KSMO ground and tower will be open for arrivals departures and pattern work!

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Hi there, the best way to let the community know when you’re open and practicing ATC is to create a tracking as described below. Good luck!

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Hey, are you still open, I can swing by

still here! probably will be for at least another hour!

I’m the one in the pattern

ah that would make sense

After I’m done expect feedback if you would like.

i would appreciate it!

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Feedback (6O-SMA)

  • [02:16:38] this is when I called in for a transition, you gave me 2500ft for it. This is incorrect transition for this airport. To figure out the transition (Airport elevation + 2500ft than round to the nearest 500th) so in this case it would be 3000ft.

  • [02:17:55] this is when I called inbound for touch n go. When a aircraft calls inbound they will always need a
    Pattern Entry. In this case you should’ve responded with “6O-SMA Enter right downwind runway 21” than clear me for the option.

  • [02:22:11] unnecessary “say intentions” here I’m already remaining in the pattern, so after my touch n go you just gotta clear me again.

Adding to that clearance, you gave me another traffic direction (Make right/Left traffic) you only need to give a traffic direction on the first clearance.

  • [02:26:53] no need to give me a pattern entry when I’m already remaining in the pattern, like I said just give me a new clearance after my touch n go.

  • [02:28:52] after that you cleared me to land, you should’ve cleared me for the option since I was in the pattern.

  • [02:31:30] On the runway exit command, it was too late, you gave it to me at 35kts (Aim for 70-60kts)

Note: you don’t need to wait that long on my clearances, you can clear earlier.

That’s all for me today, thanks for the service, @Chopmaster 💯

Btw if you look at the first comment, (@Rob_M) it gives instructions on how to make a better tracking thread, which will help attract more people to attend. I would recommend following it, please and thank you


thank you for the feedback! ill keep working and studying the handbook!

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No problem, make sure to tag me next time you open. I’ll try my best to come by again!!!

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