KSLC to SCEL on board the Delta 787

Late night departure to Santiago out of Salt Lake City on board a Delta 787-8. The flight was a little over 10 hours long and it was on expert.

Checking out the Dreamliner from the Delta lounge.

On board next to engine 1. The weather at this time was snowing.

A few minutes after take off turning towards the south with Salt Lake City Airport in the background.

Flying over Mexico City Airport after 3 hours of flying. After this, low clouds blocked the view of the Pacific Ocean.

About to start my decent into Santiago after 9:30 hours.

Landing and taxied to parking. Took one last picture.

Here is the 10 hour route I took. Winds were calm for the majority of the flight.

Here is a video of the takeoff and landing.

It was a long enjoyable flight, mainly because I was asleep the entire time.

Before you ask or point out the obvious, this flight and aircraft are not real. Just a random flight I wanted to do with the Delta 787.


Nice! That would be a fun route to do in real life!

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Amazing! Having SLC as my home airport, this would be an awesome route to add to the SLC database.


I plan on doing a lot more of these random flights out of Salt Lake like to Singapore, Dubai, Australia, and some other places. Salt Lake is such an underrated airport and place to fly to and from.


Sounds fun. Hopefully soon they will decide to base A330s out of Salt Lake and with that, many more international routes will be added

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I think once they get the 2nd half of their main terminal finished, they’ll probably have more international flights. I’m also hoping to see more non US airlines fly to Salt Lake one day

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This flight looks so peaceful. 😩

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Wow! Looks like beautiful flight! Thanks for sharing! :)

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