KSLC Spotting - 28/29 August 2019

Love the A220 and the 787! Beautiful airplanes.

@KPIT That was at the very end of golden hour so I wasn’t sure if it would end up good. It did, however my lens is a little soft so it doesn’t look so great zoomed in (that’s how most of my 70-300mm shots end up) so I have to use a lot of sharpening lol. I’ve started sticking with my 55-250mm lately and just cropping it so the aircraft is centered and takes up most of the picture. It mostly happens with smaller aircraft. I took some shots of a Piper landing at DFW and went back and got rid of all the bad shots and when I came across those shots I couldn’t remember what I was shooting.

@Jeffrey_Varga Thanks!


Sorry if this is off-topic but that MD-11 really looks like an IF screenshot! It’s just so clean idk

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Ehhhh… I don’t really see it lol

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Would you guys like to see my LAX spotting trip?

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