KSLC-KPDX in the 738


@Ross and I did the ROTW today from KSLC-KPDX for @DeltaVirtual. It brought us through the beautiful mountains of Utah and Oregon with some other good views along the way.

Flight info
Server: Expert
Aircraft: Delta B738
Flight time: 1:30

Hope you enjoy:

Parked at the gate at KSLC

Taxiing to 34R

Just after takeoff from 34R

Turning after departure

Cruising at FL320

Descending into Portland

Moments before touchdown

Parked at the gate at KPDX

Another pic parked at the gate

And a pic of the beautiful 737 cockpit

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Have a great rest of your day/night! :)



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Cool pictures!

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@Delta319 North Concourse😉

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Nice shots !

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Very noice pictures!

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Saw you flying this route on Monday! Hope you enjoyed your flight

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Those pics are amazing! Keep it up!

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