KSLC-KJFK Red-Eye Flight | JetBlue A320-200 #72


Thanks for stopping by once again, and do enjoy your stay! Here are some images, and linked videos from my flight home to JFK from SLC. This flight was pretty routine, and I talked to the 1st Officer, and we crossed about 2-3 active weather cells that “Rattled us around” - 1st Officer Mark. Translation: neither me, or the pilots had fun, and presumably the whole flight. Life lesson was, never fly out West unless you need too, since the East is objectively better - unless you flying international that is different. © It’s a joke, don’t worry.

Enjoy the photos!

3:30AM CST over Chicago, and about one hour out from JFK. The man next to me way a cowboy, who by was snoring in my ear at this time - this affected the picture quality.💀

@AsternAviation is playing hide and seek over there. Unfortunately, I found you buddy. ;)

(For anyone that can’t tell, it’s a joke)

Landing at KJFK at 6:15am EST. Cloudy day this morning, and was relatively windy.

Takeoff at KSLC at 00:00 MST. This was a rolling takeoff which was pretty aggressive with the crosswinds.

There are the mediocre™️ pictures and videos I took. PM me if you have any further questions, or shoot me a reply down below.


Good pictures

Why am I a JetBlue plane


Why would you think that if I may ask?

What…??? You just said I am one

Lol, I was hinting that you were a Marshall.

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@AviatorMan what part of NY are you on?

During the weekends I live on the West side of New York. I am not going to say exactly where, for privacy reasons.

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Yeah yeah I get it I’m on Long Island

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