KSLC control tower

I had the opertunity to spend an hour touring the control tower at Salt Lake City International with my wife today. These guys where beyond accommodating. When I thought of a Bravo control tower I expected a lot going on and some tension in the air. What I found was just about the most laid back atmosphere, where in between clearances they could joke with one another. This particular airfield is the main hub for Delta, and has just as much GA traffic as commercial. I was able to talk with one of the supervisors who gave us to low down on all aspects of operations. He even went into detail on the new terminal projects and the aspects they are hopeing to relieve with it. It was an experience I will never forget and look forward to doing again. They even let us walk on the cat walk outside of the tower. My hat goes off to this group they are an extrodinary group of people.


Good for you, that’s great that they were so open and welcoming to visitors. Is this something that you had to schedule in advance?


Yea I scheduled it a couple days in advance.

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MaxSez: well done Bran…

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Wait… isn’t KATL the main hub for Delta?

Nah, SLC doesn’t have the most laid back ATC. At Nashua Regional Airport in New Hampshire, there is a tiny ATC tower. I went on a tour there and when I got into the tower there were just these two dudes sitting around in flip flops and casual shirts. They had a microwave and a fridge up there XD

It maybe it’s a big delta hub though

They actually have multiple hubs - SLC is one of them.

All their hubs are

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (operated by Air France-KLM)
Charles de Gaulle Airport (Paris; operated by Air France-KLM)
Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport
Detroit Metropolitan Airport
Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport
John F. Kennedy International Airport (New York City)
LaGuardia Airport (New York City)
Logan International Airport (Boston)
Los Angeles International Airport
Minneapolis–Saint Paul International Airport
Narita International Airport (Tokyo)
Salt Lake City International Airport
Seattle–Tacoma International Airport

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