KSLC ATC Frequency problem.

So today I flew from klas-kslc as swa 225 for swav. Once I got on approach everything was fine but then i was told to contact tower so I clicked the button that moves you to it and tower screen popped up. So i requested for landing but then heard a vector and got a messenger from the controller who is ipp that said change freq and I did it manually that time and it went to tower after it switched back to approach on it’s own. It happened again and I was handed off so I did the handoff button. It finally stayed on tower frequency. But i got approach ATC commands with tower frequency buttons. Here is a screenshot from a video I shot after i landed that i cant put here.

Once I went to ground the same thing happened but by the time I went to get a screenshot it fixed itself. Also the whole time I was approaching the airport almost everyone had unknown-unknown as there tag. Here is a image of that.
I dont know what happened with this but I want to. Get back to me as soon as you can please.

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Sounds like you might have been experiencing connectivity issues. Are you on WiFi or cellular?

Some things to note:

• Ensure you have a strong and stable internet connection
• Resetting your router occasionally may help with WiFi issues (resetting monthly might suffice)
• Restarting Infinite Flight and your device is a good practice to keep things fresh as well.



Wifi is super fast and strong and I was on it I reset my device before every flight because I know it might experience a problem so idk ehat happened.

Sometimes when switching from approach to tower you might hear a few transmissions bleeding over from Approach if the communications que had several commands being sent out. These should disappear after some time and tower should be the only frequency heard once you switched to it.

Was @mwe2187 handiling approach and tower at the time if you recall? He might be able to get in the forum and give some insight. I’ve tagged him so let’s see what he could see from his side.

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Hi @HadenJohnson, i dont recall anyone coming in today that i had an issue connecting with so sounds like it may have been @Dylan_Bright, who was on before me and @Jonathan_limento was on approach.

Hope this helps get to the bottom of this

@HadenJohnson I don’t believe that I handled your flight while I was controlling. I did lose connection twice, but that would not have caused this ATC issue most likely, or for aircraft to display as unknown for you. I encountered no unknown aircraft, so it was most likely a connection issue on your end.

@mwe2187 you were the one controlling. Says your name in the first picture.

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No it was @Jonathan_limento and it was constantly going as approach freq for 2 or 3 minutes before I switched back.

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I have never had connection issues and I hopped back in at klas just to test out the game and it was perfectly fine so I’m not sure.


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