KSJC Sunset Ramp Shots

I went out on the ramp at KSJC to practice some low light work (and to get a study break from finals lol). The sunset was spectacular and painted the sky to make a nice backdrop for my photos. Here are the photos!

Southwest 737-700 arriving from John Wayne KSNA.


Local Cessna 340 watching the sunset.


Alaska 737 on final with downtown San Jose in the background.

Another shot of Alaska landing.

Southwest arriving from Los Angeles KLAX.


The Seneca I detail (looks clean doesn’t it) with some heavies on final.


Long exposure looking over the terminal with a Hawaiian 767 landing.


A Citation spending the night at the jet center.


Lastly the Piaggio.


Everything was photographed on my Canon 7D and 70-200 f/4L.


WOW! 😍 Amazing pictures, @cleipelt!


Nicely love Alaska Airlines

I’m a little bit confused. We’re you in both SNA and SJC spotting? Thanks for the clear up and great photos

No, these were all taken at KSJC. The Southwest was arriving in San Jose from KSNA.


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Nice pics! I love that cessna!

P.s goodluck for your final exam

Thanks man sunsets are one of my favorite times to shoot!

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Dude, come over to CVG sometime. Frontier has a direct flight from SJC and Delta has one from SFO.

I loved the first photo of Southwest :D

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Wow that southwest picture is amazing. Lighting makes a world of difference. 😍

Maybe one day. I need to save every penny for flight training 🙂

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i love the southwest shots those are spectacular!!!

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Lovely Pictures, they all look marvelous 😁
Really like the first one a bit extra, nice landing shot ;)

Amazing, the first Southwest photo is beautiful!


I think you might get a slight …

You know what.

Amazing pics however @cleipelt amazing time to take them too the sun setting is beautiful


Beautiful shots!!
Really love these!

Love these shots. Great work! The Southwest ones are just amazing!


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I don’t know about that Catfish though… 😜

What are you referring to as Catfish?

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The first picture is amazing!!!