KSJC Spotting Photos

I spent a majority of my day spotting at San Jose International Airport today for the first time in months. It brought back memories, but also reminded me of how boring standing around on a parking garage for hours was 😐. That’s one of the reasons why I made the switch to being an airport bum, but it’s always nice to get some heavy metal in my gallery every now and then. But if there’s one thing I hate about planespotting at SJC, it’s trying to find the creative angles. It’s so hard to get any interesting angles here and with the new 10 foot tall perimeter fencing, getting photos from my usual spots has become much harder.

Now for the photos. Enjoy and let me know which is your favorite!

The daily Hawaiian flight departing for the long haul across the pond.

My buddy Alan Eustace departing in his Citation V for the east coast. He’s the former Senior VP of Google and also holds the world record for the highest altitude free fall jump. Interested in finding out more about the jump? Check out his story here.

JetBlue departing to Long Beach. Make sure you: 1) Fly JetBlue. 2) Repeat step 1.

ANA taxing in after arriving from Japan.

I love this new Alaska paint! Gives the plane a nice artsy vibe.

SkyWest overhead on short final.

Alaska about to pass overhead for 30L.

Flight Option’s Phenom taxing to Atlantic after arriving from Montana.

Thomas Siebel’s BBJ departing. I see this one here often, but recently saw it at Tahoe which was pretty rare.

The pasta rocket taxing to Atlantic. Otherwise known as the 🐱🐟.

The always stunning G650.


Love the pictures! Especially the privately owned aircraft… Thanks for sharing! :)

Wow, I just love that [JetBlue] (https://mobile.jetblue.com/h5/r/www.jetblue.com/) image for some odd reason… Great photos overall!

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That United plane deceived me for a moment, confused it with a Copa Airlines E190 😂 Nice pictures though, especially the Alaska 737.

Photos 1 and 10 are my favourite ones!

I’m going to be a bit biased. The HAL shot is by far my favorite airline shot, but I’m gonna have to stick with the biz jets. Excellent stuff dude! 😁

Absolutely stunning. Probably one of the best spotting gallery’s I’ve seen. 👍👌

I Loved all the pictures especially for new alaska paint!

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The P180 was the best, what an awesome livery! Great shots :)

That ANA 788 shot is the best imho. Looks awesome in that angle ❤

Anyway, Lovely spottings as always Chris! 😊

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The grey BBJ is very nice, but the JetBlue A320 is my favorite

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I love the Piaggio as well. My brother is flying it down to SoCal tonight.

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Nice photos! my favorite is the G650 😎

Stunning! I love that UA E-170

Thanks everyone! Glad you all enjoy the photos. I have more to add once I run them through Lightroom, including a few from the tower.


Anyway Chris, Did you spot a Hainan Airlines plane in KSJC? I believe they operate a flight to SJC

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I saw it but did not get any photos of it while I was there. Was eating lunch when it landed. The thing about Hainan is that it arrives right in the afternoon so the sun light is directly on top of the plane. Not ideal lighting conditions but if I ever make it down again (probably in another few months lol) I’ll be sure to get some photos of it for you.

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Ah, thanks for the explanation Chris. I will look forward for your Hainan’s photo when you are able
to capture one 😉

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Oh my god, amazing photos! What is the camera used?

Canon EOS 7D w/ 70-200mm lens.

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