KSJC Right Loop

I do the looping departure sometimes :) Last time I did it, I flew the British Airways Boeing 787-8 from KSJC-EGLL.

I thought that Infinite Flight does not have the 787-8 livery for British Airways

You’re absolutely right. I forgot I use the 787-9 and pretend it’s the 8 because the real life route uses the 8 :P

BA flies the B789 KSJC-EGLL and EGLL-KSJC

@KSJCRampAgent, you must be talking about ANA and Hainan

Oh apparently I’m mistaken again! Yes, BA uses the B789 irl. Whoops haha

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This is probably a late comment but depending on speed, most takeoffs from SJC turn only after about a minute or maybe 50 seconds and almost reach the water area. This is what I have observed when I planespot there or takeoff from SJC.

Global Flyer1

Not all departures turn when they are over water but yeah I did witness an Alaska Airlines plane heading to Seattle not turning until he reached the water.

Yea we when did those awesome right turns the other day. Show them how its done

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The British Airways though! XD

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Still have memories on that

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They don’t all touch the water but they don’t turn before at least 40 seconds and some even turn as late as 1 minute and 10-20 seconds

So thats what the pattern is called… I was watching a coworker fly inbound from KSJC and I thought it was weird but I guess not.

The things you learn from the community.


If there are some missing waypoints around KSJC I can get them added. I shall have a look at the charts and see what I can do :)

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There are a lot of missing waypoints around the Bay Area (KSFO, KSJC, KOAK). That would be nice to have them added. :)



Here is a good way to do the KSJC Right Loop. Add the waypoint MOONY to your flight plan before departing. Fly toward MOONY until the system tells you to fly to your next waypoint.


I know I’m late to this thread, but I LOVE flying that real world SID out of KSJC. And as stated above I use MOONY to help guide it. Also, don’t forget the noise abatement!

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This is so related to KLAS Left turn, lol. When you takeoff, you take a right or left turn immediately after takeoff so you don’t crash into a bunch of mountains. I call them Mountains Of Doom AKA, Mount Charleston.

Now I’m intrigued to try this Right Loop Departure.

I have only landed at KSJC a few times before but never departed from it, I guess I’ll have to give it a try :)

And thanks @BigBert10 for all the info about how to realistically depart feom San Jose, will be very helpful when I try this ;)


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