KSJC layout


  • for some reason, the airport doesn’t align with the imagery.
  • taxiways are a bit “rough”
  • missing areas / not edited.

See image above.

I believe to report it to fill this out:

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Looking at our library files it shows that the actual lines are VERY accurate!.

The taxiways are also VERY accurate.

The challenge here is that the pack actually being used by Infinite Flight is at a lower resolution and that parallax error/offset is probably causing the offset seen when flying in Infinite Flight. Remember that in Infinite Flight it is like a skin being placed over a framework of terrain mesh. These airports have been generated using z21 images and are more accurate than the overall terrain being used by IF. This is not something that is likely to get fixed any time soon. It would require a higher resolution image used by Infinte Flight. Since this would be cost prohibitive I cannot envisage this happening.

The alternative is moving the images to suit the lower resolution IF images. This would be extremely painful as this would probably not be consistent from airport to airport.

I would not suggest that we could improve this airport using the current tool set available.