KSGU Airport

Now I don’t have a problem with this but I couldn’t help in notice that an airport in utah (Known as St. George Regional Airport KSGU) only has 2 gates, and I’ve been to that airport irl and it doesn’t have 2 gates, it has 5 gates (They added a new gate at the airport on September of 2019). I just wanted to point this out to this airport. Like I said again, I don’t find a problem with this, it’s just that I wanted to point this out.

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Hi @Aviation79,

Thanks for bringing it up. I’m sure that the IFAET (Infinite Flight Airport Editing Team) will work on it as soon as they can. Unfortunately, they don’t take requests but I’m sure one of the members will take a look at it soon.

Have a great day! 🙂


Hey there,

Thank you for bringing this up to our attention. We’re busy with other things/projects pertaining to our organization and structure, and our editors are also focused in other airports so it’s kind of difficult to keep up with updating all airports.

We’ll certainly try and see what can be done with KGSU. May need a couple of fixes if we get to add the new gates you mentioned. We cannot however give you an estimate as to when the changes will be available in IF.

Again, thank you for letting us know.


Hi @Drummer Thank you for noticing. I don’t care about the time it’ll be released at this point but I am glad someone noticed!

Have an amazing day ;)

ya and btw Chattanooga TN airport has like 6 gates but in IF there no gate wonder why?

With a small team and a two-step review process, editing an airport, even of small size, takes time. I can assure you that each editor takes multiple factors into account before choosing an airport to edit.

No airport is neglected, and we hope to have all airports edited to current standards as soon as possible.

Thanks for your understanding.


I redid KCHA and it’s coming in the next update.

About KSGU, we need the imagery for the gates, and there is a rule regarding redoing airports that were redone previously, which makes it hard for me and other members to do it.


Welcome! Please see the highlighted post of Bruno’s regarding this airport. Thanks!