KSFO terminal update

I’m not sure when the last time this airport was updated, I don’t think too long ago, but some of the terminals and gates still aren’t up to date. The new Harvey Milk Terminal 1 definitely needs to be updated with the new gate placement. I fly Southwest a lot so the big focus for me is this terminal. Some of the other terminals such as terminal 3 and the international terminal have some out of date gate placement and gate numbers as well. Hopefully, this can be addressed in one of the “airport and nav data” updates in the near future.

Here is a map of all the gates at SFO compared to in IF

sorry for it being slanted


Unfortunately there is not much we can do about this. Only the airport editing team can

In before someone says IFAET don’t take requests even though he didn’t ask for it to be updated.

Same thing, @AnomalyWaffle.

I’m sure someone will get to this in due time. Or perhaps you could join and do it yourself. Information is below.

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Once you actually gain the experience and capability to do so, yes. lmao


I can tell you imagery is definitely not updated for this.

And @Thunderbolt, SFO is not one of those airports where you can just “join and do it yourself”. Airports that size take time to gain experience to redo (often a long period of time).


Adding onto @Claudio‘s reply, I’m sure one of our members will take care of this once the imagery is available. 😊

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Exactly, “Join and do it yourself” isn’t the answer.

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Will be updated when imagery is available and time allows.