KSFO Spotting | Training Server ATC

Server: Training
Airport: San Francisco International Airport (KSFO)
Flight Time: N/A
Aircraft: Various


I’ve been trying to gain controller operations before I apply to IFATC, and did about 40 minutes of ATC on Ground and Tower at KSFO today.

Starting out with an @TAPVirtual A330-900neo taxiing for takeoff

Mysterious USAF tanker heading out to 1L

Air France A320 looking a little lost

Another confused European narrowbody

KLM decided to come back

United ✏️ heading out to Newark

This Asiana A380 pilot (who shall remain unnamed) decided to takeoff on the wrong runway without clearance, forcing a rejected takeoff of our lovely United 757.

Lufthansa A350 preparing for a flight to… Denver?

@Cannonhunt bringing home the butter from LAX in their Delta 737-800


Interesting topic 😎!
Best of luck with your future application 🫡

Happy holidays

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Thank you.

Training Server pilots are… definitely interesting.


No Flaps is uhhhh brave 😂, Good photos!

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