KSFO RWY 28L Closure!

Hello Y'all

KSFO is currently doing some work on Runway 28L that will cost around 50 million dollars. 28L is SFO main departure runway and is also used for landings. With this now being closed traffic could be delayed a bit more often then usual. This is supposed to take up to 5 months maybe longer!

How do you guys think this will affect KSFO traffic flow?


It could definitely cause some problems most likely! Most like back ups

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Oooh @Topgottem


NOOOOOOOO KSFO my beloved!


It will definitely have an effect

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Will 28L be closed in Infinite Flight aswell

No… hopefully not 👀🤞

i still see arrivals on 28L right now. when is it supposed to go into effect?

I’m absolutely devastated😭

Monday I believe.

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SFO has most likely planned somewhat about what they’ll do. When HND’s runway 34R closed suddenly they seemed to handle it pretty well, but I’ll be interested to see what SFO does.


Did they only close it for departures?

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LAX has (still) their 24R closure. We’ve handled it very well so far and we have the same number of Runways as SFO. What is probably expected more is go-arounds.

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!SFO 01/122 SFO RWY 10R/28L CLSD 2401180630-2405282300

It doesn’t close for another hour. 0630 Zulu it’ll close. Here’s the NOTAM for it.

It wasn’t closed at the time

Thanks for informing 👍

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No per se, it will still exist as a runway in-game, and controllers on Training and Expert will have the option to use the runway if they choose.

However, from similar situations in the past, generally, some IFATC controllers will enforce the closure in order to aim for realism - I did this with the closure of 24R at LAX. It is ultimately at the discretion of the controller, and if flying on Expert Server, the ATIS will be your point of reference.


Ok thanks thunderbolt

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Yeah, when I controlled LAX, i closed 24R. Made it known by using ATIS. ATIS is your best friend lol

I will be one of the ATC who will have 28L/10R closed during my sessions! Yesterday people were even using 10R to taxi to 10L, and that’s what they do in real life. I thought it was awesome.

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