KSFO parallel takeoff (Southwest 737, Alaska A320)

I flew a short hop from San Francisco to San Diego in the Southwest 737-700. The winds were rather shifty that day, so the takeoff runways were 10L and 10R while the landing runways were 19L and 19R. I took off on 10L while an Alaska A320 (to LAX) took off on 10R. We headed out on the same heading and were eventually told by approach to split in opposite directions. It’s just an interesting little event I thought to share.

  • Southwest 737-700, San Francisco (KSFO) to San Diego (KSAN)

  • Expert Server, 1 hour flight time


Those are my favorite 737 and a320 liveries, also the turns on the last shot look sick

Very nice pictures!

Cool pictures!

You know, Southwest also has San Jose (KSJC) to San Diego (KSAN) as well! Maybe you can try that some time

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Very Nice!

Don’t forget about Oakland (KOAK) with its SWA hub. It also has flights to San Diego (KSAN)!